Aerial photograph of Sequoyah Marina
image of boat slips on Norris Lake

Norris Lake wet slips and houseboat slips

Rental Rates

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Slip prices are monthly based on an annual lease.

A few covered six month slips are available for $1400 in advance along with a few uncovered slips for $1000 paid in advance.

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Wet Slips
Size Rate
10' x 32' $180
12' x 32' $260
14' x 36' $285
Houseboat slip
Type Rate
Main Dock $380
Cat Walks $250
Buoys $220

Houseboat slips include electric, water and some have telephone service.

Type Rate
4000 lb. $230
6000 lb. $250
8000 lb. $280
10,000 lb. $320
Wet Slips:

Houseboat slip:


CODE HINT: lowercase "e", uppercase "N", uppercase "J"

CODE HINT: lowercase "e", uppercase "N", uppercase "J"

Photograph of the Sequoyah Marina dock courtesy of Lori Line Photography.