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News for July from Sequoyah Marina

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"NOT ALLOWED"-Rental of Floating Houses and Houseboats!

Under no circumstances is any Customer permitted to advertising or rent their Floating House or Houseboat at Sequoyah Marina! Your neighbors on the dock and Sequoyah Marina Management feel that having multiple unknown people on the dock and on your Floating House or Houseboat is not providing a safe environment for their houseboats or their families. It creates multiple safety issues with people operating equipment they are not familiar with. For those who are doing this you have the option of discontinuing rentals or leaving Sequoyah Marina. Any customer found renting their lease will be terminated. Paragraph 12 in your lease states: Customer agrees that no boat docked or stored at the Marina by Customer shall be leased or rented to any party.

Lake Level

The current level is 1020.19. Last month our level was 1020.24. Lasts year the level was 1020.54.

Marina Hours during July-Starting July 1st

The marina operating hours for July will be:

Monday thru Thursday - 10AM - 8PM
Friday: 10AM - 11PM
Saturday: 9:30AM - 8PM
Sunday: 9:30AM - 8PM

Pumping Schedule 2021

July 8th – 22nd
August 5th - 19th
Sept 2nd – 16th 30th
Oct 14th

Any Houseboat with an operating toilet must have a pumping contract. Any houseboat that does not have a contract will receive an eviction notice. If you wish to remove your toilet out of your houseboat that is an option. Please notify us that you have removed your toilet and we will inspect your houseboat. I am sure your neighbor is not interest in swimming in your waste.

Curfew—Being Considerate of your Neighbors.

A midnight curfew of music or music with foul language will not be tolerated. Please be considerate of everyone staying or living on the dock. Please help us enforce this rule and keep our dock a quiet place to stay.

Ski Course in Big Creek Help Needed! E-mail Rich or text 513-646-8147

"Party, Meeting, Conference, Reception" $500!

Slip Leases-Automatically Renew

Our slip leases are contracts for one year. If Sequoyah Marina is not notified 30 days prior to renewal, the lease automatically renews for another year. You, the customer, are responsible for the lease until your contract is fulfilled. If you have sold your boat, please be aware of this legal document. You are still responsible for your lease commitment. If you have any questions or would like a copy of your lease please call or email us.

Please No Cooking on Grills under the Docks!

Bilge Pumps Should Be Checked Regularly!

No Building Materials in the Compactor!

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To Pet Owners

In the event of an “accident” made by your pet on the dock, please address it as soon as possible. Be considerate of your fellow customers on the dock. Please remember that all pets should also be on leashes when walking around on the dock, in the parking lot and or in and around your boats. We want to make sure everyone is safe, including the animals.

Coast Guard Coming for Inspections—July 17, 2021

Life Vest Requirements

To meet U.S. Coast Guard requirements, a boat must have a U.S. Coast Guard Approved life jacket for each person aboard. Boats 16 feet and over must have at least one Type IV throw able device as well. All states have regulations regarding life jacket wear by children. State Requirements for Life Jackets. In states where no children's life jacket law is in place, a U.S. Coast Guard interim rule requires children under 13 on moving boats to wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket that fits. This rule does not change or supersede the existing law in states which have life jacket laws.

Photograph of the Sequoyah Marina welcome sign courtesy of Lori Line Photography.

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Newsletter Ideas

Have any ideas for our next newsletter? Just give us a call. We are always open to suggestions and ideas!