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News for February from Sequoyah Marina

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sequoyah Marina staff would like to wish you and you’re favorite Valentine, Happy Valentine’s Day! Take that special someone out to dinner or just send that special gift!

Fireworks 2018! Last Show!

Jim is looking for $1000 Ads. Remember $1000 will get you on the back of the famous “Fire on the Water” t-shirt along with a double ad on the placemat. The show will be held Saturday, June 30th at dark. See Jim J. for any sponsorships or advertising promotions. All donations are applied directly to the show and its great advertising!

Lake Level

The current level is 998.48. Last month our level was 997.98. This time last year, the lake was at 1002.85.

Marina Hours

Sequoyah Marina hours of operation in February will be 10am–4:30pm for gas. Just text or call the numbers below. On weekends, the marina will only be open limited hours or by appointment. 865-207-6011/865-207-5284.

Wing Night—Counting the Days

Wings and Corona night is only 107 days.
Fire of the Water is only 150 days.
Summer is officially starts in 141 days.

Pumping 2018—Norris Lake Pumping—Due April 10th!

Norris Lake Pumping will be servicing our marina this year. The cost for 14 pumps will be $500 starting in April and ending in October. The payment must be received by April 10th, after that the price will be $525. If you need additional pumps there is a fee of $35.00 and a .75 per gallon. Norris Lake Pumping shall follow all the laws of the Tennessee and TWRA for houseboat waste and guidelines of the TVA. An additional service provided by NLP will ensure that, TVA receives documentation of the contract and proof of payment. All pumping records for each houseboat will be sent to the TVA.

Download contract

April 19th – First Pump
May 3rd – 17th
June 14th – 28th
July 12th – 26th
August 9th – 23th
Sept 6th – 20th
Oct 4th – 18th

Knoxville Boat Show – Come See us!

March 8, 9, 10, 11, 2018 – Knoxville Convention Center!

Pumping 2018!

The penalty for not complying is 5 years in jail and a $100,000 fine along with being evicted. If total compliance is not met, the marina also can have the same implications. If you have a houseboat at the marina you must have a pumping contract. This is a federal law. We take this law seriously, also evictions from the marina will occur. Send your contract today! Thanks for keeping our Norris Lake waters clean and beautiful.

Boat Insurance Required—Please Send us a Copy

We will require a minimum of $300,000 limit liability insurance but recommend $1,000,000 liability insurance. A suggestion to some will be to add your boat to your homeowners insurance. We will require a copy to be put on file with your lease. This is an inexpensive way to protect your family, friends and boat. A costly boating accident, fire, raising of a sunken boat or damage to your neighbor’s boat or dock may cost all of us our hard-earned savings. It’s a small investment to pay for a good night’s sleep. It is a new year so make sure you are protected

“Fire on the Water DVD 2017” – $5.00 plus shipping!

Rentals Prices

Slips & Lifts – $175 to $375 a Month!
Banquet Room – $500 a Day!
Pontoon Rentals – $230 to $325 a Day!
Jet Ski Rentals – $300 a Day!
Runabout Rental – $350–$400 a Day!
Reserved Parking – $750 a Year!

Slip Leases—Automatically Renew

Our slip leases are contracts for one year. If Sequoyah Marina is not notified 30 days prior to renewal, the lease automatically renews for another year. You, the customer, are responsible for the lease until your contract is fulfilled. If you have sold your boat, please be aware of this legal document. You are still responsible for your lease commitment. If you have any questions or would like a copy of your lease please call or email us.

Ideas and Suggestions

Please send us emails with ideas and suggestions so that we may better serve you. We continue to strive to bring better service to you in our new season. We look forward to fielding an idea or two. Give it a try!

Photograph of the Sequoyah Marina welcome sign courtesy of Lori Line Photography.

New Lodging!

interior photo of rental lodging

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Newsletter Ideas

Have any ideas for our next newsletter? Just give us a call. We are always open to suggestions and ideas!