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News for October from Sequoyah Marina

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Marina Hours

Rob and Chris are here everyday from 8am to 4:30pm. You may need to text 207-5284 but will be happy to take care of you if you need gas. If you need other arrangements for gas, please feel free to call 865-207-6011 or 865-207-5284. Also text us will meet you on the weekends too!

Pumping 2019 - Winter Pumping

Norris Lake Pumping is offering winter pumping starting in November and terminating in March 2020. Please contact Norris Lake Pumping at 423-562-3594 if you are interest in the service.

Lake Level

The current level is 1007.29. Last month our level was 1013.48. This time last year, the lake was at 1015.49.

Fireworks 2018 DVDS—$5 plus shipping—Drone Footage!


Just if you are planning for the months ahead here is a winterization contact!

Marine Contractors: 865-256-9839
Aquaknox Marine: 423-566-9520
Promarine: 865-494-7373

Boat Insurance

We will require a minimum of $300,000 limit liability Insurance but recommend $1,000,000 liability insurance. A suggestion to some will be to add your boat to your homeowners insurance. We will require a copy to be put on file with your lease. This is an inexpensive way to protect your family, friends and boat. A costly boating accident, fire, raising of a sunken boat or damage to your neighbor's boat or dock may cost all of us our hard earn savings. It's a small investment to pay for a good night's sleep. It is a new year so make sure you are protected.

Ideas and Suggestions

Please send us emails with ideas and suggestions so that we may better serve you. We continue to strive to bring better service to you in our new season. We look forward to fielding an idea or two. Give it a try!

Rentals - Prices Open

Slips - 10 x 32 Covered $175
Lift Slips - 4000LB - $230
Banquet Room - Starting at $500 a Day!
Pontoon Rentals - 90HP - $230 /150HP - $325 a Day!

Holding Tank Cleaning

  1. Pump out Tank & Flush
  2. Add 1 gallon of water solution that contains 1/4 of Baking Soda. (Add 1/4 cup of Baking Soda to one (1) gallon of cold clean water and mix until all of the baking soda is dissolved and then pour down the toilet into the holding tank - If the water -baking soda is "slick" to the feel - add more water & mix.)
  3. Do not dump dry Baking soda down the toilet - it has to be dissolved first or it will clump and not go into a solution.
  4. Fill the tank again with clean water and the baking soda solution.
  5. Pump out again - Suggested not required.
  6. You may have to repeat step 3 several times if you have an odor in your cabin. It may be coming from the lines that go from the head to the holding tank. The theory behind this is changing the PH and give the good bacteria a chance to live in a safe environment, so they can liquefy, deodorize, and clean the organic matter out of your holding tank. (Do not wash out the head with Clorox.)

This is a recommended procedure by Barb Nolan or Nolan Bio labs.

This summer during our busy rental season our procedure after each pumping of our houseboats was to add a box of baking soda to each holding tank. We mixed it with water and poured it into the toilet while flushing. The normal odors seem to be cut in half. Good Luck!

Slip Leases Automatically Renew

Our slip leases are contracts for one year. If Sequoyah Marina is not notified 30 days Prior to renewal, the lease automatically renews for another year. You, the customer, are responsible for the lease until your contract is fulfilled. If you have sold your boat, please be aware of this legal document. You are still responsible for your lease commitment. If you have any questions or would like a copy of your lease please call or email us.

Compactor—NO Building Materials, No Mattresses, No Grills...

Please refrain from putting any building materials, mattresses, TV's, refrigerators, screen doors, any kind of furniture, lumber, tires into the compactor. The items that Waste Management allows are normal everyday trash similar to your everyday home trash. All other such items listed above should be taken to the dump and disposed. None of these items are to be left on the marina ground. Please help us keep the area neat and clean.

Photograph of the Sequoyah Marina welcome sign courtesy of Lori Line Photography.

New Lodging!

interior photo of rental lodging

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Newsletter Ideas

Have any ideas for our next newsletter? Just give us a call. We are always open to suggestions and ideas!