Aerial photograph of Sequoyah Marina
Fire on the Water fireworks at Norris Lake

Fire on the Water 6/30/18

Largest private Independence Day fireworks show in Tennessee

Sequoyah Marina logo

Advertise with us and your name will be put in front of more than 24,000 people

  • Be seen by the thousands of people coming to Sequoyah Marina all summer long
  • Be part of the largest private fireworks show in the state of Tennessee during the Independence Day celebration!

Placemat Ads: On 2500 placemats

  • Put your business card in front of 10,000 people by advertising on our placemats.
  • The placemats are in front of our customers from June 2015 through June of 2016.
  • Advertise with us and you will be referred to our customers.

Single-Size Business Card $275.

Double-Size Business Card $550.

"Fire on the Water" Collectors T-shirt

  • We sell close to 2,500 t-shirts for Fire on the Water.
  • Support to continue this tradition for the community.
  • You also get a double size ad on the placemats.

Ads start at $1000

Marina Banners

  • Banner placed on the marina so it can be seen by everyone.
  • T-shirt ad at two and a half times the size of the basic ad size!
  • Double size business card ad on 2500 placemats

Marina Banners: $2500

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CODE HINT: lowercase "f", number two, lowercase "x"

CODE HINT: lowercase "f", number two, lowercase "x"