Aerial photograph of Sequoyah Marina
Fire on the Water fireworks at Norris Lake

Fire on the Water July 1, 2017

Largest private Independence Day fireworks show in Tennessee

Sequoyah Marina logo

Advertise with us and your name will be put in front of more than 24,000 people

  • Be seen by the thousands of people coming to Sequoyah Marina all summer long
  • Be part of the largest private fireworks show in the state of Tennessee during the Independence Day celebration!

Placemat Ads: On 2500 placemats

  • Put your business card in front of 10,000 people by advertising on our placemats.
  • The placemats are in front of our customers from June 2015 through June of 2016.
  • Advertise with us and you will be referred to our customers.

Single-Size Business Card $275.

Double-Size Business Card $550.

"Fire on the Water" 2016 Collectors T-shirt

  • We sell close to 2,500 t-shirts for Fire on the Water.
  • Support to continue this tradition for the community.
  • You also get a double size ad on the placemats.

Ads start at $1000

Marina Banners

  • Banner placed on the marina so it can be seen by everyone.
  • T-shirt ad at two and a half times the size of the basic ad size!
  • Double size business card ad on 2500 placemats

Marina Banners: $2500

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CODE HINT: lowercase "w", lowercase "t", lowercase "e"

CODE HINT: lowercase "w", lowercase "t", lowercase "e"